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There is definitely something sexy about an exposed tummy, even if just a few inches. As a heterosexual guy myself, it doesn't matter if it's a round tummy, a soft tummy, a flat tummy or a six-pack tummy, there's just something about it that I find very, very sexy. And even though I can't speak for the girls in regards to guy tummies, I'm sure most of them would agree with me when it comes to at least the last two types of tummies I mentioned, i.e., flat and six-pack tummies.

If you're a tummy fan, we hope you submit yours. If you don't, that's okay. But, we encourage you to come back every so often to check out the new tummies and if you find one that you really like, let them know. After all, that's why we're around. Thanks for stopping by, and please submit your tummy pic.

- E
Founder, SexyTummies.com

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